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Giá : 6.500.000 VND

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With the LTS 240 Diversity C and the LTS 240 Diversity D systems, LEWITT introduces rugged, reliable and easy-to-use wireless systems designed to add a remarkable quality to performances of ambitious entry-level users. Perfectly suited for use on small stages, at club gigs, regional events or in houses of worship, these reasonably priced wireless systems withstand the rigors of regular stage use and deliver reliable performance in any setting. Convenient and easy setup makes these wireless systems the perfect choice for young bands, entertainers and karaoke professionals. Users can choose between systems with condenser (LTS 240 Diversity C) or dynamic capsules (LTS 240 Diversity D). Each set contains a quality handheld transmitter featuring a convenient LED display indicating battery status, a quick-acting screw thread closure and a rotary switch for frequency selection, as well as a rugged diversity half-rack receiver featuring four pre-programmed frequencies selectable via pushbuttons. In short, the LTS 240 Diversity C and the LTS 240 Diversity D systems offer everything that users expect from versatile, modern and durable entry-level wireless systems.

Sản phẩm được sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn chất lượng của Châu Âu. Thương hiệu Austria ( Áo).

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Features LEWITT LTS 240 Diversity C

  • LTS 240 Diversity C  wireless systems are a top choice for ambitious entry-level users and performances in various acoustic environments
  • The LTS 240 Diversity C set includes one handheld transmitter featuring a quality condenser capsule and a half-rack receiver with a sturdy metal housing
  • Four-part RF- and AF-level LED display
  • Transmitters are equipped with two AA batteries for up to ten hours of continuous performance, an LED display indicating battery status, an On/Off/Mute switch and a rotary switch for frequency selection
  • Receiver features four pre-programmed frequencies selectable via pushbuttons, FM modulation, UHF antennas, XLR and unbalanced (6.3 phone plug) outputs
  • Squelch and volume level controls
  • Hardened hexagonal steel mesh grille to prevent wear and abuse
  • Half-rack all-metal case receiver with a matte black finish
  • Set comes in a cardboard box with foam layers and includes LTS 40 MCs shock mount
Top applications
  • Lead and background vocals

Tech Data LEWITT LTS 240 Diversity C


Transmission principle UHF, FM, diversity
Directional pattern cardioid
Available channels 4 selectable channels
Modulation FM (25 kHz max. deviation), 
compander system with 
pre- and de-emphasis
Audio bandwidth 70 ... 18.000 Hz
THD < 0,5 % typical
Signal / noise ratio > 85 dB-A typical
RF radiation 10 mW
Battery life 2 pcs AA size dry batteries,
10 hours typ.
Dimensions 50 dia. x 262 mm
1,96 dia. X 10,3 inch
Net weight 258 g 
9,1 oz


Audio outputs balanced 3-pin XLR,
unbalanced TS 1/4" jack
Gain adjustment range 0 - 6 dB
Squelch yes
Dimensions 160 x 115 x 30 mm
6,3 x 4,5 x 1,2 inch
Net weight 540 g 
19 oz

Sản phẩm được sản xuất theo tiêu chuẩn chất lượng của Châu Âu. Thương hiệu Austria ( Áo).

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